An award-winning and strategic leader, Katie Kern, Partner at Media Frenzy Global, is a seasoned speaker and progressive thought leader in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, entrepreneurship and corporate growth.

With experience in creating cultural change, inclusion and development within her agency, Katie believes, “without a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion starting from the C-Suite, many workplaces will continue to repeat perceived and unperceived biases in their recruiting, hiring and promotion processes.”

Utilizing more than 15-years of experience in maximizing organizational effectiveness by driving purposeful action, Katie remains a proven leader and creative problem-solver with a passion for innovation and optimal impact.

In 2019, she presented and spoke about the importance of women leadership and board governance at the Philadelphia Diversity and Inclusion Conference, as well as the 15th Annual National Diversity and Inclusion conference in Dallas, TX, where she uncovered insights on a shared vision, accountability and communication in the future of leadership alongside keynote speaker President Barack Obama.

Katie’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of next-generation girls and women in business blossoms through her mentorship with Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, where she recently spoke at the organization’s annual conference on transitioning from a corporate environment to entrepreneurship.