Event Agenda

August 13-14, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

DAY 1 | August 13, 2019

⏰ 8:00am | Registration 

⏰ 8:30amPeople Sustainability – Ensuring a Healthy, Inclusive Culture in the Highly Competitive Tech Industry

⏰9:15am | Using Metrics as a Key Catalyst to Impact Diversity and Inclusion

⏰10:00am | Morning Networking Break 

10:30am | Belonging at Work – Hard Science or Emotion(al) Intelligence

⏰ 11:15am | New Frontiers – Diversity’s Role in Creating a Sustainable Organization

12:00pm | Lunch

⏰ 1:00pmTactical D&I and Strategic D&I

  • Tactical D&I
    ERG/ENG Revamp – A Fresh Look at the Multifaceted Value of Employee Groups


Lisa Zweber-Smith, VicePresident Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, MGM Resorts International
* DiversityInc 2018 Top 50 Companies for Diversity


Stephanie Piimauna, Executive Director Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, MGM Resorts InternationalStephanie Piimauna, Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, MGM Resorts International
* DiversityInc 2018 Top 50 Companies for Diversity


  • Strategic D&I
    Who We Are Makes A Difference – The Intersection of Community and D&I


Susan Stith, Vice President Diversity, Inclusion Foundation, and Civic Affairs, Cigna
*DiversityInc 2018 Top 50 Companies for Diversity

⏰ 1:45pm Tactical D&I and Strategic D&I

  • Tactical D&I
    Workplaces and Spaces – Understanding Introverts in an Extroverted World

Dr.-Melody Vanoy-InclusionMelody Vanoy, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Trinity Health


  • Strategic D&I
    Building a Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy – From Exporting US-Centric Strategies to Creating Global Relevance


Myriam Vidalon, Vice President Diversity & Inclusion Programs, Nielsen
* DiversityInc 2018 Top 50 Companies for Diversity * Forbes Best Employers for Diversity 2019

⏰ 2:30pm |  Afternoon Networking Break

⏰ 3:00pm | Tactical D&I and Strategic D&I

  • Tactical D&I
    Why There Is NO “War for Talent” and How Inclusion Is Your Secret Weapon


Stephanie Redivo, Senior Program Manager Global Diversity and Inclusion Office, SAP
*Forbes Best Employers for Diversity 2019


  •  Strategic D&I
    Catering Ideas or Potluck Innovation – Assimilation Vs Integration in Globalization


Nichole Franks, Director of Diversity, Alcuin School


⏰ 3:45pmTactical D&I and Strategic D&I

  • Tactical D&I
    It Starts at the Top – Developing Diverse and Inclusive Leaders


Linnet Carty, Global Diversity & Inclusion Educator, PGA of America



  • Strategic D&I
    Making it Stick – Using Change Management to Implement D&I Strategy

sandeep-tatla-inclusionSandeep Tatla, Assistant Vice President Global Head Diversity, and Inclusion, Manulife



⏰ 4:30pm | Conference Day 1 Sessions Conclude

DAY 2 | August 14, 2019

8:30am | How Change Happens

9:30am | Harnessing Intersectionality and Collaboration to Make TD, America’s Most Convenient – and Inclusive – Bank

10:15am | Morning Networking Break 

⏰ 10:45am | Building Successful Foundations for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Executing
Cultural Change Through Intentionality

⏰ 11:30am | Interactive Group Discussion moderated by Event Chair

12:30pm | Lunch

⏰ 1:30pm | It Pays – Making the Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion

⏰ 2:15pm | Inclusion for All – Effectively Reaching and Engaging More Stakeholders in D&I Work

⏰ 3:00pm | Conference and Day 2 Sessions Conclude

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