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In times of crisis diversity and inclusion (D&I) can get pushed to the sidelines. Often perceived as a “nice to have” in the best of times, D&I risks getting taken off the senior team agenda entirely in the current crisis as leaders struggle to manage in a time of fundamental uncertainty. However, we believe that D&I will be one of the critical differentiators in how companies weather this storm. Those that have invested in developing inclusive cultures and building balanced teams across their businesses will fare better than others. Too many leaders think of D&I work narrowly, as a limited set of initiatives aimed at increasing representation through hiring, creating a sense of belonging, and pursuing equity through incremental change to processes and policies, all of which is easily downsized during a crisis. But there is much more under the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion umbrella that is essential at moments like this. Leaders need to understand that some of the immediate obstacles they face are also critical DE&I challenges. Leaders and organizations will need enhanced problem-solving skills and vision to address dislocations in businesses, industries, and regulatory environments. Strategic agility is likely to be a mission-critical trait. It is also likely to be stronger in organizations that can draw on the full spectrum of diverse talent available.

Some of the qualities that characterize diverse and inclusive companies, notably innovation and resilience, will be much in need as companies recover from the crisis. Indeed, it could help companies to unlock the power of diversity and inclusion as enablers of business performance and organizational health and contribute to the wider effort to revive economies and safeguard social cohesion.

HRO Today’s Inclusion Summit Virtual Event Series will present examples of strategic D&I leadership that can guide us through the current storm and lead us in the continuing quest to create better organizations and societies.

“Championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Inside and Out” (August 26th – 27th ) will address the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion as not just organizational initiatives or programs, but as something that has the power to transform society at large by producing behavior change. Join our expert speaking faculty as they share strategies that can impact the way your entire organization operates, and the individual ways of working, communicating, contributing and even just being in the world.

“The Role of D&I in Navigating Uncertainty and Change” (October 22nd – 23rd) will discuss strategies for D&I practitioners to provide organizational and social leadership in the context of a pandemic and the fight against systemic racism.